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About us

Babyom is an online store with premium furniture and accessories for toddlers and children. We carefully select products of the highest quality, stylish design and practical use in your home and nursery.

Since birth, the child creates strong bonds and it is the early years of life that are important for the development of the person's personality and temperament. He has the strongest ties with his parents and gradually likes his toys and objects in the environment in which he grows up. At Baby, we realize that the environment also has a significant impact on your child's development, so we choose functional, elegant and high-quality products that will please not only your child but also you.

Our goal is to deepen the bond between the child and the mother in a safe environment of the nursery. It is a beautiful time of life that you will never forget and we want you to enjoy it as much as possible.

Choose products from our selection of furniture and accessories for you and your child. We select products according to current fashion trends and materials of the highest quality. In our shop you can find cots, cradles, baby beds, playpens, dressers, wardrobes, changing tables, shelves, children's chairs, high quality handmade children's carpets machine washable of natural materials, baby bedding, play blankets, blankets, baby sleeping bags , diapers, blankets, quality stylish clothes and boots, plush and other toys, gift items and other accessories for toddlers and children.

We will be happy to help you with the selection of the most suitable products and we will recommend combinations of furniture and accessories so that the children's room will turn into a child's dream :-)