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Knitted protective bed bumper mint Knitted protective bed bumper mint

Baby´s only Cable knitted bed bumper gray

Code 28538 Luxusná značka Baby´s only pochádza z Holandska a prináša vysoko kvalitné pletené kolekcie pre dieťa, batoľatá a predškoláka.  Značka bola vytvorená z lásky k pleteným materiálom a so zmyslom pre módu.  Originálne farebné kombinácie od klasických vzorov a

Brief description

The knitted protective bed bumper can be used in a cot with a back width of 60 or 70 cm.
The sides are 40 cm high and 54 cm long.
The thickness of the nest is about 4-5 cm.

Delivery time:2-3 weeks

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The luxury brand Baby's only brings high-quality knitted collections for toddlers and children. The brand was created out of love for knitted materials and with a sense of fashion. Original color combinations from classic patterns to luxurious details.