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Darčeková poukážka 100 eur

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Chcete prekvapiť a obdarovať svojich najbližších? Neviete vybrať ten správny darček?
Venujte im Darčekovú poukážku babyom.

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Gift voucher description:

Gift voucher entitles the holder to purchase goods through the e-shop www.babyom.sk.

The voucher will be sent upon receipt and payment of the cash on delivery order by post or in electronic form to your mail. When ordering with a Gift Voucher payment, you must provide a unique code that is listed on the voucher.

Gift Voucher Conditions:

each voucher has a unique code that can only be used once
the gift voucher can be redeemed only for one order, it is not possible to divide the value of the coupon into several orders
the gift voucher is issued for 6 months, after which the voucher becomes invalid
the voucher cannot be exchanged for cash
order value must be greater than voucher value, otherwise credit remaining will be forfeited
we will send you a gift voucher cash on delivery by mail, and you can also send an e-mail when paying over the Internet.
How to Redeem Gift Voucher:

When you have finished selecting products on our site, you will go to your "Shopping Cart". Put the unique code in the "Discount Coupon" field.