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Gift vouchers

Would you like to surprise your dear ones? Do you need any help to choose the proper gift?

Give them a GIFT VOUCHER babyom. You can choose from 50€ and 100€

Description of a Gift voucher:

Gift voucher entitles the holder to purchase goods via the e-shop www.babyom.sk. 

The voucher will be sent to you after receiving and paying the order via cash on delivery through the post office or will be sent electronically on your e-mail. If you want to redeem Gift vouchers for your order it is necessary to use a unique code on the voucher. 

Gift voucher conditions:

Each gift voucher has a unique code which can be used just once
​Gift voucher is valid only for one use. It is not possible to divide the value of the voucher into multiple orders
Gift voucher is issued for 6 months validity, after this period the voucher is invalid
Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash
The order value must be higher than the voucher value, otherwise the remaining credit is forfeited
We will send you the gift voucher via cash on delivery payment through the post office to your address, or by online payment on your e-mail. 

How to redeem your Gift voucher?

After you finish your shopping on our website go to your „Shopping cart“. Insert a unique code into the „Discount coupon“.

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