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Italbaby baby mattress for crib - babyom.eu Italbaby baby mattress for crib - babyom.eu

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Italbaby children's mattress Bio cotton 70x140cm

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This is a range of products that will ensure your baby's comfortable and healthy sleep by using his orthopedic, indescribable, and natural features. At the same time, the choice of high quality fabrics and fibers guarantees safety and practicality.

Delivery time:3-4 weeks

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Thanks to the hypoallergenic stretch fabric "Organic Cotton" that uses purely organic and organic cotton fiber produced in certified non-chemical crops like pesticides and herbicides.
Natural hypoallergenic materials provide excellent hygienic conditions: it is resistant to many washings.
Special cotton is also very environmentally friendly.

For the production of organic cotton, the organic production system is used for soil fertilization, eliminates the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, toxic and persistent to the environment and to cotton itself.


Mattress outer cover - Removable cover:
Removable coat with 3-sided edges and zippers - 38% Organic Cotton and 62% Polyester

Sizes for baby cots
60 x 120 x 10 cm
63 x 125 x 10 cm