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Italbaby children's mattress Memory Plus 60x120cm

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Brief description

Orthopedic and self-shaping mattress made with special filling of memory foam with a central solid foam core. The mattress adjusts to the shape of the body at each movement to allow it to be properly and comfortably held during the sleep.

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To protect the mattress, it is covered with an elastic cover.

Hygienic and washable with removable outer case with 3-way zip fastener.

External cover:
made of dust- and mitten-resistant fabric for best child protection.
82% cotton, 18% polyester with dust- and mica-resistant finish.

60 x 120 x 11/12 cm                                                                    
60 x 125 x 11/12 cm
63 x 125 x 11/12 cm