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Micuna baby bed Swing 120x60cm

Code 33431 Brand Micuna - babyom.eu

Brief description

The furniture collection Swing is characterized by its refined style, modern and minimalist, which combines white with original beech Wood in a Scandinavian style.
With this cot you can rock your baby in a true slow Swing movement. The cot of 140x70 cm incorporates a novel and secure seesaw, so you can rock your baby to sleep.

Delivery time:3-4 weeks

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Our patented Relax System® allows the incorporation of the baby in an angle of 7º to 10º, as well as from a horizontal position without the need to wake the baby up. 
Benefits for the health of the baby:
  • Prevents and reduces reflux b> after any dosage. 
  • Prevents and reduces otitis. 
  • Reduces and prevents lactating colic b>. One of the most common issues for babies are the gases that are produced and which press the baby's abdomen leading to lactating colic. The reclining position favors its elimination and helps the baby's well-being. 
  • In babies, the liver is the largest organ. That position prevents pleurisy developing in the baby. 
  • It favours the formation of the pulmonary alveoli.


  • External dimensions: 128 cm x 67 cm x 88 cm
  • Internal dimensions: 117 cm x 59.4 cm
  • Material: Beech - lacquered MDF
  • Color: White - natural
  • Features: 2 positions
  • Bed bed / fixed side / relaxation system
  • Optional: Mattresses for cots 117 x 57 cm /
  • Pillow 60 CH-570

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