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Micuna cover for house Teepee Micuna cover for house Teepee

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Micuna cover for house Teepee pio pio

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All children would like to have their own space where they can imagine a world that suits them. Our design team has developed a simple, practical and unique space for them. The Tipi House from Micuna creates the ideal environment in a children's room. Let your children unleash their imagination with our three Tipi House models: Claire, Camp and Pio-Pio. Designed with a rectangular base and a pine structure in the shape of a house, a simple, cozy and comfortable space for playing, exploring, reading or relaxing. The perfect refuge for children.

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It includes an LED light in its structure, so it illuminates the interior of Tipi's house and children enjoy the funniest nights.

Our TIPI house can be assembled from knitwear or just with a roof. Its assembly is very simple: all you have to do is slide the fabric over the top and connect to the structure with loops. The mattress with dimensions of 140 x 70 cm is ideal for approximately 2 to 9 years.

You can remove the roof and give some garlands of light to give your house TIPI a different touch.

Complete your TIPI HOUSE with a handrail to eliminate worries, or a tactile light bulb with LED light, a flexible case that illuminates in all directions and with several levels of brightness

Easy installation.
Oval windows with mosquito net.
Rectangular window with multi-position screen.
Wide storage pockets.

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