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Micuna sleeping nest for baby Micuna sleeping nest for baby

Micuna sleeping nest for baby

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During pregnancy, changes in her body prevent the future Mom from resting properly; the first kicks’ start, she can’t find the right posture and so on and so on. The Baby Nest multifunction pillow is the perfect companion during this stage.

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1- When sleeping on the left side, we avoid the pressure of the weight of the body on the vena cava which in turn, favours the pumping the blood to the placenta and providing more oxygen and nutrients to the unborn infant.

2- Neck and back Suport.

3- The support to the back helps to relax the abdomen.

4- Support for the legs. Avoids swelling in the feet.

5- During the breast and bottle feeding period, it helps the Mom to place her baby in a comfortable position. In addition to avoiding annoying and uncomfortable postures relieving back and arm pain, it helps to transmit peace of mind and tranquility to the baby.

6- In addition, Baby Nest is a crib reducer for the first months of the baby where feeling safe and protected is vital.

7- It is perfect for co-sleeping with the parents and allows for maximum tranquility and security whilst sleeping with the baby. When the baby grows and begins to sit, it can also be used as a hammock.

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