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In-store pick-up

When Buyer chooses an option in-store pick-up, Buyer will be informed about the confirmation of an order and availability of the goods in stock via e-mail. Goods can be picked up directly at the store at the company address:

When ordering furniture or goods of bigger size it is necessary to schedule a date and time for the pick-up via e-mail: info@babyom.sk

Showroom opening hours  babyom - Astoria Palace, Hodžovo námestie 1, 81106 Bratislava
Monday-Friday         10:00 - 18:00 hod

Seller shall deliver the goods to Buyer after the full payment of the price, unless otherwise agreed. It is possible to pay by cash or credit card. Seller does not charge for packaging.
Along with the goods Buyer receives invoice, warranty certificate and, if needed, also instruction for use.